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Confidence – Presenting Is Sexy! YOU don’t have to be.

Ever felt worried that you just don’t look/sound good enough when presenting?  Maybe you missed opportunities to speak to your clients/prospects because you felt you didn’t look the part… too old, young, overweight, unattractive?  Or don’t sound the part… loud, slow, accent, squeaky or quavery voice? You are not alone.  However, this is sabotaging your […]

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Engage – Sexy Speaking Skill… Stripping!

Ok, yes… I’m cheeky and yes sex sells… but what I’m talking about here are 3 powerful techniques to help you engage your audience quickly and with greater command and clarity. I haven’t had enough sleep and I’m already a rather excitable person (ok extremely excitable) so be prepared for a quick talking, passionate blog. […]

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Influence – 3 Presentation Mistakes That IMPACT Your Influence

Speaking is all about Influence – so… when you do these things you are dramatically affecting your results – your profile, your profit from conversions and how quickly you can leverage your business. Check out these 3 presentation mistakes that really impact your sales and your influence to make sure you don’t do them.  If […]

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Promote – 3 Ways To Get Bums On Seats At Your Events

It’s one of the biggest problems business owners face…. how do you get prospects along to your events, and how to you keep them coming back? When you are presenting, here are 3 ways to Get Bums On Seats…     You may well be like many of the business owners that I work with […]

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Engage – What NOT to do when presenting!

Getting engaged and engaging your audience when speaking are really quite similar.  Both require passion, a desire to shout to the world your intentions and a commitment to fearlessly jumping in with both feet. Take a look at my latest blog and see what not to do when presenting.  The speaker didn’t ‘put a ring […]

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