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Speech Coaching

What difference would it make to your bottom line if when you spoke to your clients – from stage, boardroom or webinar – you were able to quickly connect, be authentic, dynamic and take them on an amazing journey… highlighting your products and services?  What if you were so good that you excited your clients enough to run to buy your products/services?  And how about speaking in such a relaxed and entertaining way that you are constantly asked back and referred to other clients/events?

If you’re a successful business owner/entrepreneur & want to attract more clients, increase your profile and have prospects chase you for your products and services… speaking can MASSIVELY increase your bottom line.  Doing it well (Speaking Smart) will boost your conversions, profile and profit.

You are probably already good at presenting… imagine if you were in the top 3% of your field, and nailed it every time you spoke…

Most likely you’re so busy you don’t have the time to write, plan and practice a new presentation and really you want someone to tell you what to do, how to do it and step you through the finished presentation so you’ll look amazing, credible, in control and attractive, know the best time to sell your prods and services, read your audience, wow them so they ask you back, guarantee lots of bums on seats and drive clients to you, raving fans…ready to buy.  Gasp.  There are many elements to wowing as a speaker.  At The Speaker – Speak and Grow Rich we are speaking coaches.  It’s what we do, and we are darned good at it!

We will assess your strengths and build them up and help you with the areas that are potentially holding you back.  Yes we have formulas and guidelines to follow to immerse yourself and accelerate your learning… yet, we most definitely do not believe in carbon copies.  There are so many ways to be a fabulous presenter, we will help you find the most authentic path for you that truly helps you shine and get the results you are after.

When you book a coaching series with us we work generally in 1.5 hour blocks (this gives time for you to get lots of speaking in as well as learning new techniques).  We can come to you or (for a small discount) you can come to us.  We cover all aspects of presenting from structure and content, to delivery, presentation, tools and event management.

Private, accelerated, immediate, quality feedback to make a profound and lasting difference to you, your skills and your business.  Email us at for investment and see what spaces we have available.

Event Coaching

Are you running an event, a business conference or seminar that you want to be sensational? Are you worried about your speakers; your exceptional team of workers that aren’t necessarily used to presenting on a big stage or in front of a large audience or with such high profile customers and prospects?

Are you unsure how the day will flow, how to interact with the AV team to get the best effects, lighting, sound and transitions between your speakers?

Let us help you shine and make your day a huge and resounding success.  From speech coaching, stage anchoring, stage body language, vocal use, transitions, MC, lighting, mics and sound techies we can help.  Conference planning, timetable, seating, layout and stage props are also all aspects of your day that we can help run smoothly, removing stress and fear when it comes to making your day perfect.

We will meet with your speakers in advance to help them plan and deliver to the best of their ability for your day.  We will accelerate their preparation so they are confident, relaxed and ready to wow.  On rehearsal day we will be there all day, coaching, suggesting, and interacting with your event co-ordinators, AV team and lighting team to ensure you’re in control, relaxed and ready to shine at your big event.

Contact us at to discuss your needs and see how we can make your event a raging success.