New Melbourne dates released: 1 1/2 Days - August 11 and 12 .

Million $$ Presentation Intensive

Smash Presentation Conversions (live & webinar).
Discover The Secrets To Audience Control.
Dramatically increase your Profile, Profit...Freedom.

Here's why I've agreed to run the Million $$ Presentation Intensive...

My goal with the Million $$ Presentation Intensive is to STEP YOU THROUGH (with support, warmth and...OK a bit of cracking the whip!) how to create a 'Million Dollar Presentation'... Not just a Good Speech, or an OK Presentation, you will leave with the secrets and tools to run a business that delivers your clients a MILLION DOLLAR PRESENTATION... a Profit Presentation every single time.

A Million Dollar Presentation allows you to dramatically increase your profile, the income you earn, the freedom to work when and how you want, and ultimately, ensure that your message is delivered to your clients allowing them incredible results...

Speak Smart... LIVE BIG. Live a life of massive personal freedom.

The Million $$ Presentation Intensive was created after hearing from many of you that...

  • So many business owners, coaches/trainers are presenting blind. You don't have a presentation formula / winning plan to work your audience and control the effect, impact, response and action of your audience.
  • The vast majority of business presenters feel uncomfortable or you feel downright slimy selling from stage!
  • Too many business presenters, coaches/trainers never make the kind of money that they are capable of. You get stuck in the unscaleable time-for‐money treadmill and hit a plateau that you can't break free from.
  • You have been taught to deliver way too much content and as a result are not getting anywhere near the amount of conversions you desire. You are also not making the impact you envisioned.
  • You just don't know how to consistently get bums on seats.
  • Fear is still playing a part in your presentation success. Even if you only have a little fear... it's sabotaging your success, your connection, your profile and your presentation profits.

I've been working with a select group of professional speakers, coaches and trainers, business owners like you.

I'm going to share the very best of what is working for them in the Million Dollar Presentation Intensive.

Explode Your Impact.

Double Your Income.

Choose Your Time Off.

Give me 1 1/2 days, and I'll personally transform how you present.
How you plan, fill, stick, deliver and sell at your presentations and workshops.
How you leverage your business to double your profile, profit, impact and freedom.

You see, 4 times a year behind closed doors, an exclusive group of dynamic business owners gather for a Double Black Diamond Intensive with me.

It's not about attending a course. It's an on the spot transformation.

It's not a lecture. It's a two-way conversation, driving instant in-room results.

For 2-4 days at a time, I roll up my sleeves with my highly driven Double Black Diamond clients and we IMPLEMENT.

We Implement...

  • Delivery skills that draw prospects like a magnet.
  • Elite communication tools that work your audience, deepen connection, loyalty and super charge your community.
  • Sales webinars that convert prospects into clients.
  • Event-filling systems that sell-out seminars.
  • VAs, websites and products that work on autopilot.
  • Nerve buster techniques for confidence, standing ovations, prospect stampedes and inner peace!
  • Zero ERK... elegant selling from stage techniques that will leave your prospects chasing you.
  • Leveraged presentation skills that get my Double Black Diamonds out of time-for-money, and into freedom.

But these Double Black strategies and 2-4 day Intensives are only available to a carefully selected few.

...until now.

This August, I'm running a 1 1/2-day Million Dollar Presentation Intensive in Melbourne, to show you exactly how to escape time-for‐money coaching and training, add $20+k a month to your income, and join the top 3% of coaches/trainers and business owners who speak.

My corporate clients happily pay $8,000 for training like this with me.

But you run your own business, and I want it to be easy for you to come and work with me the first time.

I figure if I give you 1 1/2‐days of my best strategies, there's a really good chance you'll ask me to work with you to grow your business down the track.

So - we have an amazing ticket offer...

... your ticket to the Million $$ Presentation Intensive is only $197.

Should you choose... your business partner/assistant can attend for $97!

We move fast and cover information that will make an immediate and dramatic difference to your business, having your partner/assistant there ensures that come Monday you are ready to fly. (Your partner/assistant must work in your business!)

Come. Ignite. Implement.

This way, if you love it, and want more, you'll know where to come. Big smile.

And if you just want to take my strategies and don't want to go any further, that's ok too.

There'll be absolutely no problems and no hard feelings.

It's about finding the best fit, for the best results.

My Double Black Diamond crew are carefully selected for their hunger, drive, desire to succeed, vision and belief in their business.

Seats to this training are limited - I like an intimate dynamic group so everyone can get individual attention and immediate feedback.

Get Every Drop.

This Day and a half is accelerated learning of advanced techniques, so it's important you come ready to roll…
I'm going to give you FREE Double Black Diamond training before you come, to ensure you are primed to get every drop of learning from the intensive.

We've already talked a bit about the event itself.

And, if you're going to be in my room, there's some prep work you need to do.

You'll receive a Laser Clarity prep sheet to fill out and have the opportunity to learn our Feedback Process at our closed door Double Black Diamond implementation webinar... So when you register, as well as your 1 1/2-day ticket, prior to the Intensive you will receive exclusive access to my Double Black Diamond client-only training webinar.

As soon as you register, you will receive your prep sheet... and tips covering the '10 Steps To Speaking Success' so that you are ready for the advanced tactics we will cover at the Intensive.

On the group webinar I'll work with you to outline what NOT to do and how to deliver a Profit Presentation that attracts and converts clients fast (I currently charge $420/hour for 1:1 consulting, so this alone will pay for your 1 1/2-Day Intensive).

This way, when you get to the Intensive, you can hit the ground running.

You'll be ready to jump straight to the advanced systems you need -- and we can plan to take your business to the next level quickly.

100% Hot Content. Zero Waffle.

Here are the 9 projects we'll work on at the Million Dollar Presentation Intensive.
Speech Formula
Speech Formulas

You'll get the Double Black Diamond 'Speech Blueprints' for profit presentations.

Power Events
Power Events

Presentation content so hot it will sell your event for you... fill it, stick it, sell at it and keep them coming back for more.

Mind Ninja
Mind Ninja

Stand out from the sea of business speakers with mind ninja techniques most trainers don't know about.

Selling From Stage
Selling From Stage

It's a snap. Secrets revealed to sell with natural class. Zero tolerance for hard, erky selling. Have prospects begging to buy.

Product Creation
Product Creation

Time to stop trading your time for money. We cover products you can have designed and up on your website by the end of the day.

Webinar Magic
Webinar Magic

Learn the magic formula to design and deliver an outstanding webinar that positions YOU, in 90 mins or less, as the expert.

Freedom Automation
Freedom Automation

Freedom is totally achievable when you have leveraged systems, products and services. We reveal the Double Black Diamond Framework.

Elite Engagement
Elite Engagement

Ever wondered how top presenters have their prospects eating out of their hands, running to buy their products?? We will share with you what they do.

Dynamic Presenter
Dynamic Presenter

Confidence is sexy...and sex sells! Learn the incredibly simple dynamic delivery keys to deliver a killer keynote every time and eradicate nerves.

1 1/2 Sensational days.

The JUMP your business needs.

Because I love my training to be totally immersive and hands-on, seats are limited.

How many seats left in Melbourne?
2 seats already taken...

Don't miss out, Grab Your Spot Now

You Too Can Have Raving Fans...

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Make It Count.

1 1/2 day, Double Black Diamond-style workshop.
Melbourne Inner East
11 - 12 August 2017
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