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Double Black Diamond Mentoring Program

Double Black Diamond is named after my love of skiing. 


The most pristine, beautiful, challenging and I believe rewarding runs requiring the highest level of skill and competency, are the double black diamond runs.  These runs are skied by those who have taken action to perfect their craft. 


Double Black Diamond is a speaking program for those ready to accelerate their skills and stand out for their confidence, competence and class.

The pursuit of excellence requires being motivated, accountable and taking action.

We offer the promise of inspiring others, being surrounded by successful peers, and sometimes a big stick to help!

Speaking Excellence is exhilarating.




The Double Black Diamond programs offer intensive speaking bootcamps, speaking formulas, product placement and stage selling, stagecraft, NLP for stage and webinars, ok and perhaps some skiing and speaking around the open fireplace!... plus so much more.  You get to absorb, implement and ultimately present many times to a select group of outstanding peers.  The Double Black Diamond mentoring program will see you at the top of your game and presenting to your clients and target market like you could have only imagined.


What makes a successful speaker?  I believe it has much to do with charisma passion and connection.  You cannot learn those things from books alone, you need opportunities to implement and receive high quality feedback.


This program is definitely not for everyone, which is a great thing. It's not driven by money, rather by fit. Are you aligned with our group of dynamic speakers and keen to shine?  It's incredibly important to me that you receive an abundance of opportunities to present and receive regular and immediate feedback whilst having the opportunity to learn from your peers.  I dislike programs with huge numbers where you feel lost in the crowd. Whether asking questions, presenting or delivering critiques you will receive an abundance of attention and specific feedback.

Here is a taste...

    • We meet 3 - 4 times a year for up to several days at a time.  Melbourne and Qld predominantly.
    • You get private speech coaching,
    • Exclusive webinars,
    • Presentation opportunities,
    • Private mentor group and
    • Free workshops.

We don't chase you, and won't 'sell' you into this program.  We are driven by a love of coaching speakers.  With the right people the results are amazing, both personally and financially. 


If you want more from your communications, presenting and conversions, contact us at [email protected].  It's application only.  We'll ask questions about your business and speaking.  If you are not a fit we will politely say so, if you are WOOT WOOT, we'll welcome you and get you cracking.