TEDx Ready & Keynote Practice Day

Need to get TEDx ready? 

Want to practice your keynote in front of a live audience before you deliver to clients and your target audience?


Then... this is the day for you.


These practice days are for intimate groups of passionate speakers.  You will present to a live audience using lectern, props, slides etc and receive immediate specific feedback. You then get to watch and learn from the other presenters and the feedback they receive. Practice like this is GOLD.

Verity will give an on-the-spot bonus workshop, highlighting the skills of greatest benefit to you
following the presentations and feedback of the day.


Date - Thursday 29th November
Book your spot - [email protected]

- Max 10 participants

- Videoing and promo shots available for show reels and promotion

- Opportunity to film your 1 min TEDx application video on your smart phone


If November is too long to wait lol, come along to the Million $$ Presentation intensive in September
or book in for
Keynote Speech Coaching to deliver like a rock star come November.