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Private Speech Coaching

If you'd like to launch or grow your business fast... then Private Speech Coaching is for you!

In our Private Speech Coaching sessions, you'll learn the step-by-step strategies to avoid the overwhelm and fear that hold many entrepreneurs back from grabbing a chunk of the multi billion dollar online course market, the Facebook and online advertising space and the mass converting reality of presenting live.

As an experienced speaking coach, speaker and professional services provider, Verity is only too aware of how much easier it is to sell high ticket products and services to clients from stage, through video and streaming live... than leaving it to traditional print channels.

In these Private Speech Coaching sessions Verity shares her most powerful speaking techniques helping you plan, build, write and deliver your presentations.  Look, sound & feel amazing every time you present with her cutting-edge tools and get the strong acknowledgement from an expert that you are ready, you are enough and you know what to say and when to say it. 1:1 direct feedback, specific to you is the answer to get you results FAST.

Join Verity in her Private Speech Coaching sessions and get your speaking fast-tracked today, click below now.

The Speaker - Speak Smart... LIVE BIG

The Double Black Diamond Speakers Program

If you’re ready to harness your genius and become a wildly successful coach, consultant or professional services business, then you need the Double Black Diamond Speakers Program.

Named after the exclusive Double Black Diamond runs on the ski slopes - that only the most talented, experienced, brave skiers ski - this Double Black Diamond Speakers Program is for coaches, speakers and service providers who want to be the best in their field and stand out for top-notch skills, products and results. You need never have spoken before to excel.

Would you like to know, with certainty, how to create your own presentations for stage, video, workshops, events and online courses that sell… and achieve the growth you want in your coaching and consulting business?  Verity and her team of experts will elevate your skills with cutting-edge delivery tools, top of the line systems, hacks, scripts, step-by-step formulas and specific feedback every step of the way. We will walk you through how to build, launch, present and fill your own workshops, events and online courses and automate your presenting so you only ever have to do it ONCE.

We are different to every other speaking course out there because we are MASSIVELY HANDS ON.  You will not get more time, attention and amazing support from any other speaking program, we guarantee it.  From real live practice to learning the reasons why your customers LOVE online courses delivered with our 'Speak Smart' system… You’ll FINALLY understand the key to breaking out of the fear and blocks that have sabotaged your speaking success AND you will have the tools to make an amazing lifestyle business work for you.

To join Verity in the Double Black Diamond Speakers Program, click below now.